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With any new Experience, it helps to have someone hold your hand


The Adoption Consultancy will help you navigate what can be an overwhelming, complicated, time-consuming and frustrating process. We help you avoid and overcome domestic adoption difficulties, disappointments and obstacles. We’ll provide the knowledge and insider’s perspective you need to overcome your fears and concerns. We’re with you every step of the way to guide you or even just to provide a listening ear. We’ve experienced a wide variety of adoption possibilities and know how to get through them. You can complete your domestic adoption, on average, within 3-12 months after your home study is ready.

We understand adoption

  • We'll gently educate, inform and guide you throughout the domestic adoption process
  • We can work across our network of agencies and attorneys to enable you to safely and quickly adopt a newborn.
  • We eliminate obstacles and reduce your wait time.

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WE PUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH TOP AGENCIES AND ATTORNEYS TO WORK FOR YOU "I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole Witt from The Adoption Consultancy for several years and recommend their services to prospective adoptive parents. The Adoption Consultancy works with clients across the country and provides an invaluable service to adoptive parents, especially with much needed education, advice and resources. As a result of my interaction with The Adoption Consultancy, I can personally attest to their strong commitment to adoption and the people affected by them."

Jeanne T. Tate, PA
Board Certified Adoption Attorney
domestic adoption domestic adoption domestic adoption

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Our resume is the families we've helped "I had adopted internationally before, but had never researched domestic adoption. Nicole made the process so easy. As a single parent, I was expecting the wait to be long, but I was matched with a birth mother and home with my healthy baby daughter within a few months." Michelle, FL

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